I was born in a tiny fishing town in south-western Scotland before moving to Brisbane, Australia, where I completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (with Honors) at The University of Queensland in 2008.

Following my undergraduate degree, I began a Research Assistant position working for Jason Tangen and Matthew Thompson at National ICT Australia (NICTA) on their forensic expertise project. In my role I created and maintained an open-source database of forensic stimuli for testing perceptual and cognitive processes underlying identification of complex visual stimuli, such as fingerprints. We called this database the Forensic Informatics Biometric Repository, or FIB-R.

I began my PhD in 2011 with Mark Nielsen at the Early Cognitive Development Centre at UQ, investigating the relative impact of violent video games on children’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. We studied whether violent video games uniquely affect people compared to other conceivably aggressive activities.

After completing my PhD in 2015, I began a postdoctoral position in 2016 with Tom Reader at the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science. This work was grounded in cultural psychological approaches to studying safety behaviour in organisations, and was funded by EUROCONTROL.

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