Cairns 2013 – SASP Meeting

The Society for Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP) recently held their annual meeting in Cairns, Australia. I presented some work that Katie Greenaway and myself conducted over the last year. We looked at violent video game effects and attribution interventions. Specifically, we show that some people show fewer aggressive cognitions when they attribute video-game induced arousal to an unrelated source. This only seems to work for people who are normally quite perceptive of changes in their arousal.

We are collecting more data for a second experiment as I write this. This time we ask participants to try and be mindful of their arousal to see if we can reveal the same effect as in those who are high in trait bodily awareness.

The presentation was well received and most attendees shared our anticipation for the upcoming data!

2013-04-14 07.52.09