I am a Postdoctoral Research Officer at the London School of Economics, where I research organisational safety culture. Previously, I held Senior Research Technician and Sessional Lecturer roles at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. I completed my PhD in Social Psychology in July 2015.

My role as Postdoctoral Research Officer at the LSE is to examine how safety is perceived within organisations. One line of research looks at how safety culture differs as a function of national cultural norms and values, for example, norms with respect to superior-subordinate interaction. A second line of research considers the role of identity and commitment in organisational safety culture, specifically with respect to how individuals’ propensity to engage in citizenship behaviour is affected by their perceptions of their colleagues. A third line investigates how safety culture is related to real-world performance.

I also have interests in applying social identity theory to health and clinical applications. Together with my colleagues, we propose that stressful life events are perceived as stressful to the extent that they entail a loss of social identities.

Finally, my doctoral research investigated effects of violent video games on social behaviour, culminating in a dissertation that: (1) conceptualised the relationship between prosocial and anti-social behaviour; (2) evaluated the effect of media on prosocial and anti-social behaviour; and (3) critiqued and improved the standard lab measures of aggression.